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Your Gateway to Interactive Science Education! Immerse yourself in an engaging Virtual science Laboratory experience designed to bring science to life. Join us on a captivating journey into the world of science!

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Unlock the world of molecules and reactions. Explore chemistry with interactive experiments.

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Dive into the law of motion, energy and beyond. Experience Physics with captivating simulations.

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Discover the wonders of life and ecosystem. Engage in Biology with hands-on experiments.


Tired of boring Science Classes?

Get ready to transform any space into your own laboratory with Foris Labs! We're an award-winning platform that unlocks the magic of Science through immersive 3D virtual experiments and fun, gamified learning.


Conducting explosive chemistry experiments on your laptop or Dissecting a virtual frog without the fear factor. Better still building a simulated rocket that soars into the stratosphere. With Foris Labs, all this and more is just a tap away.

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We're not just about cool simulations, though. We're revolutionizing science education for students of all backgrounds through gamification.


Making Science Accessible

No need to worry about expensive lab equipments, you can just pick up your device, learn and explore anywhere at anytime.


Engaging & Interactive

Gamified learning keeps you hooked, boosting your understanding and curiosity.


Collaborative Learning

Work with friends and classmates to solve scientific puzzles and make discoveries together.


Aligned with your Curriculum

Experiments match real-world science concepts, helping you ace those exams.


Empowering Teachers

Provide your students with a dynamic learning tool that sparks their imagination and ignites a passion for science.

What People Say

"Foris Labs presented me with a large variety of learning assets and an amazing virtual reality experience. It strengthened my knowledge of chemistry and helped me approach my laboratory practicals with confidence."


SS3 Student (Christ the King College)

"Merely playing the acid-base titration game made me more excited to study my science textbooks. I love games and Foris Labs gave me the opportunity to learn while playing. This app has become my best friend!."


SS3 Student

"Foris labs is helping me drive engagement in my classes. I particularly love that it is tailored towards the recent development in our curriculum which is learner-centric model of teaching. My students are able to work on their own pace because the app provides them the laboratory on their palms. "


Science Teacher at Archbishop Heerey Technical College

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Join our thriving community of science enthusiasts and experience the future of learning.

Start your scientific adventure with us today!